First Girl on the Moon

Written in collaboration with Lucy Middlemass, First Girl on the Moon is a full length Young Adult collection. Nine stories of awakenings and endings. Fetishes, families, firsts and feminism.

Elizabeth is furious.
Felicity’s not happy.
Catherine should have kept her big mouth shut.
Isabel is smitten.
Alex is a mess.
Magda’s family won’t answer the phone.
Darling’s going camping whether she likes it or not.
Regina has a bit of a thing for feet.
And Vivienne will fuck her sister’s boyfriend for revenge.

Nine stories. Nine girls. But who will be the first girl on the Moon?

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First Girl on the Moon is less about reaching for the stars, and more about awakening and exploring our potential to be and do better.

I honestly needed to sit back and think about what I was feeling and why, it’s an interesting aspect of reading that I’ve not experienced before. The writing style was also wonderfully visual, and I flew through this book in one sitting.

~Briony Appleton

From readers on Amazon:
Fearless, honest and surprising. Sex and death, love and hate, beauty and dysfunction – they’re all here

Middlemass and Jennings create complex characters who experience the full spectrum of hurt and happiness, and inflict the same on those around them. They can be generous and full of love, they can be manipulative and horrible. They are arming themselves against a world designed to hurt them, they are making decisions, they do not need you to understand.

I don’t know who else is writing YA literature of this caliber, willing to take a hard look at the real world.

High quality writing, strong and many-layered characters, brutal honesty, stories that will leave you either an emotional mess or angry enough to want to hit something, lesbian love, and liberal use of four-letter words.

The Gritty Nitty

TITLE — First Girl on the Moon
AUTHOR — Lucy Middlemass and Evangeline Jennings
GENRE — Young Adult, New Adult
THEMES — Virginity, Sexuality, Feminism, Disability
WORD COUNT — 52,000
FORMAT: Kindle and paperback
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